A brief look at the fruit wine production line

June 14, 2023

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  Fruit wine production line Fruit wine and alcoholic beverages produced from fruit, as a complete set of items, have a long history in China. From the Han and Tang Dynasties to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were not only fruit wine production lines, but also a wide variety. Such as jujube wine, mulberry wine, orange wine, plum wine, pomegranate wine, peach and plum wine, pear wine, etc. These wines have been loved by people throughout the ages for their sweet, sour, and fragrant flavors. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, fruit wine developed. Regardless of output, quality, brewing technology and equipment, the production mode of small workshops is gradually changing to industrialization.
  With the change of people's dietary structure and the improvement of living standards, new changes have taken place in the quality, style, variety, packaging and decoration of fruit wine, and people no longer blindly pursue sweet fruit wine. Since the 1990s, fruit wine production has adopted advanced technologies such as fruit juice pretreatment, artificial yeast addition, enzyme engineering application, yeast selection, temperature control, oxygen isolation and anti-browning measures in the whole process, and multi-stage membrane filtration. Advanced technology for making fruit wine. The application of these technologies has greatly improved the product quality. In addition, the decoration is novel and elegant, and the colors are various. Fruit wine is not only for drinking, but also one of the best gifts.
The fruit wine brewing production line has a CIP cleaning system, and adopts stable, accurate and fast microgravity negative pressure filling technology, which can clean liquid contact parts such as pipelines and liquid bottles; PLC computer control, man-machine interface touch screen control, frequency conversion control and other advanced technology. Suitable for filling and sealing of different liquids and different types of bottles, this production line is fully functional. It can simulate the production of industrial sterilizers, homogeneous high-shear emulsifiers and aseptic filling machines, and can be used for hot filling of soybean milk, juice drinks, tea, coffee, glass and polyester bottles. It integrates on-line homogenization, aseptic filling, heating, sterilization, cooling, and continuous production, which can truly reflect.
  The fruit wine brewing production line is mainly suitable for carbonated beverages, fruit juices, etc. When operating the equipment on the beverage production line, you need to pay attention to:
  1. Use the power supply and air source that meet the requirements of beverage production line equipment.
  2. To avoid unnecessary damage and loss, please turn off the air source and power supply before disassembling and cleaning the filling machine.
  3. To prevent electric shock, the equipment must be properly grounded. The electrical outlet must be equipped with a grounding wire made of liquid-reinforced nylon. Even if the power switch is turned off, some circuits still have the voltage of the electrical control device of the beverage filling machine, so the power cord must be unplugged when maintaining the control circuit.
  4. The second half of the beverage filling machine (near the operation button) is equipped with electronic control components. Under no circumstances should the body be washed directly with water, as there may be a risk of electric shock and damage to the control components.
  Vigorously advocate the development of fruit wine production lines, which can not only reduce food consumption and wine consumption structure, meet consumer demand, and benefit national health, but also fully develop and utilize soil slope and mountain resources. Therefore, the development of fruit wine can not only get the strong support of local relevant departments, but also can get the welcome and support of the majority of fruit farmers.