Belt Conveyor Installation of Fruit Processing Line

July 7, 2022

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Before installing the frame of the belt conveyor of the fruit processing production line, keeping the center line of the conveyor in a straight line is an important condition for the normal operation of the conveyor belt. First, the center line must be pulled over the entire length of the conveyor, so it must be aligned. For the center line, when installing each section of the rack, the allowable error of the rack to the center line should also be leveled by the rack, and the error to the center of the rack over the entire length of the conveyor should not exceed 35mm. However, after all the individual sections are installed and identified, the individual sections can be connected.
When installing the transmission device and installing the transmission device on the belt conveyor of the fruit processing production line, care must be taken to make the drive shaft of the belt conveyor perpendicular to the center line of the belt conveyor, and the reducer shaft to be parallel to the transmission axis, so that the center of the width of the drive drum coincides with the center line of the conveyor . At the same time, all axles and rollers should be leveled. The width of the conveyor determines the horizontal error of the shaft, which is allowed within the range of 0.5-1.5mm. The axis of the drum of the tightening device should be perpendicular to the center line of the belt conveyor. Through the driving device, the tightening device such as the tail wheel can be installed.
In addition, after installing the frame, the driving device and the tensioning device, the upper and lower roller roller frames can be installed, so that the conveyor belt has a curved arc that slowly changes direction, and the distance between the roller brackets in the bending section is the same as that of the normal roller bracket. 1/2 to 1/3. After the idler is installed, it should rotate flexibly and briskly.
In order to ensure that the conveyor belt always runs on the roller and the center line of the roller, the following requirements must be met when installing the roller, frame and roller: All rollers must be in a straight line, parallel to each other, and keep it level. All the rollers are lined up and parallel to each other. The support structure must be horizontal and straight. Therefore, after installing the drive roller and idler frame, the level of the centerline and the conveyor should remain the same after centering. The frame is then fastened to the foundation or floor. After the belt conveyor is fixed, the loading and unloading device can be installed.
When the belt conveyor of the fruit processing production line hangs the conveyor belt, the driving roller is wound on it, and the conveyor belt strip is first spread on the idler roller of the unloaded section, and then coated on the idler of the heavy-duty section. A 0.5-1.5t manual winch can be used to fasten the straps. When connecting the tensioning belt, the rollers of the tensioning device should move to the limit position, the trolley and the screw tensioning device should be pulled towards the transmission device; the vertical pick-up device should move the upper roller. The reducer and motor should be installed first, and then the conveyor belt should be tensioned, and the inclined conveyor should be equipped with a braking device.
The belt conveyor of the fruit processing production line needs to be tested for idling. In the idling test machine, pay attention to the tightness of the contact between the cleaning device and the guide plate and the surface of the conveyor belt, the operating temperature of the driving part, whether there is any deviation of the conveyor belt during operation, and the movement of the idler during operation. After making necessary adjustments, the test machine with load can be carried out only after all parts are normal. If the screw tensioning device is used, the tightness should be adjusted again when the test machine is run with load.
Guofeng fruit processing production line belt conveyor power roller table is composed of power roller parts, aluminum side plate, plate frame, tie rod, bearing seat, transmission device and chain. The unpowered roller table is composed of unpowered aluminum side plates, roller parts, tie rods, plate frames and bearing seats. The power roller table drives the traction chain, and the chain drives the sprocket on the power roller to rotate, thereby realizing rotary conveying. The unpowered roller table moves on the free roller by pressing the workpiece by the workpiece or by pushing and pulling the workpiece by a person.