Cocktail production line (fruit wine production line) filling link introduction

May 31, 2023

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Cocktails are not only typical mixed drinks, but also chilled. The reason for the chilling is that all cocktails are prepared with ice. The base alcohol of the cocktail is spirits such as vodka and whiskey. Juice, milk, and other adjuncts are added to neutralize the vodka's strength, garnish with fruit, and create a colorful, flavorful cocktail.
  Cocktail production line is used to produce alcoholic beverage products containing carbon dioxide gas, adding rum and edible alcohol. Shanghai Guofeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of cocktail filling machines. The whole line mainly includes water treatment equipment, refrigeration system, filling system, bottle blowing system, raw material mixing system, lighting inspection equipment, bottle warmer, hair dryer, inkjet printer, labeling equipment and packaging system. The production capacity is 2000 bottles/hour~24000 bottles/hour. Welcome major beverage manufacturers to order carbonated beverage production equipment, we are at your service!
  Cocktail production line filling link introduction:
  Cocktail production line belongs to the filling production line series. The filling machine has a secondary vacuum function and a high-pressure foam device. It adopts open gears and synchronous tracking transmission, with low noise, long life and high efficiency.
  The bottle washing machine has the characteristics of many soaking tanks, many standard removals and long soaking time. The bottle in and out adopts crank rocker mechanism and cam tracking mechanism, and the single-end or double-end bottle in-out transmission mechanism can adopt frequency conversion speed regulation or synchronous tracking to ensure low load, low noise and stability.
   The sterilizer adopts all stainless steel structure, PU value microcomputer automatic control principle, double channel continuous chain conveying, high strength, good water permeability, stable operation, easy to observe at any time during cleaning, maintenance and production.
  Adopt all-stainless steel magnetic hopper, the crown cover, lower cover, and cover are all magnetically transmitted to ensure that the cover does not deform, and the volume is large and smooth. The middle guide direction adopts the guide rod type, which has the cover function.
  The three-in-one main machine is composed of rotary capping machine, rack, window, bottle washing machine, filling machine, main motor and transmission system, bottle transmission details, capping machine and electrical control system and other components. A full set of cocktail production line equipment is a small cocktail filling equipment manufacturer.
  The turning mechanism of the bottle washing machine is mainly composed of a bottle washing clamp, an upper turntable, a guide rail, a water separator, a water spray device, a protective cover and a water receiving tray. The filling mechanism is mainly composed of lifting device, bottle clamping lifting device, filling valve, guide rail, filling barrel and so on.
  The capping mechanism consists of a cap unscrambler, a cap dropping guide rail and a cap screwing machine. Auxiliary (or optional) equipment includes rinsing water return tank, bottle inlet air duct and bottle outlet chain. In addition, manual bottling platform (or bottle unscrambler) and multi-row differential chain manual bottling platform can also be configured according to customer requirements.
  The article mainly introduces the filling process of the cocktail production line (fruit wine production line)! I look forward to being helpful to everyone. If you need more detailed information, you can contact Shanghai Guofeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. for consultation and cooperation. Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing fruit and vegetable processing and packaging complete line equipment, and is committed to providing one-stop solutions for fruit and vegetable processing projects.