Detailed explanation of juice processing production line technology

May 20, 2022

Latest company news about Detailed explanation of juice processing production line technology

The juice processing production line system completely simulates industrial production and is the reproduction of the industrial production line. This product can be used not only for teaching demonstration of various production processes, but also for process formulation research, taste identification, additive application and sample making, etc. The production line system from the initial fruit cleaning to product packaging is complete, taking into account extraction, concentration and other processes. For some equipment, it can be used alone in the system without auxiliary facilities. And in the energy supply as separate as possible to save energy.
Cold extraction technology and enzymatic hydrolysis to extract fruit and vegetable juices have revolutionized the old production standards. It not only greatly reduces pesticide residues in fruit and vegetable instant noodles, but also better maintains the integrity of raw materials. The line includes a cold extraction system that can process whole fruits or vegetables, avoiding all peeling and slicing, making the product as loose as possible and reducing oxidation. The fruit juice processing production line can produce clear juice, turbid juice, diced peach, puree, concentrated juice, concentrated pulp, fruit powder and fruit vinegar.
Ultrafiltration is an important process in the production process of juice processing line, and its cleaning and disinfection work is very critical, and the cleaning and disinfection work of this process should be done well. It can solve most of the microbial sources and infectious sources in the production process. As a membrane filtration technology, ultrafiltration was introduced into the production and processing of fruit juice, which greatly improved the filtration efficiency of fruit juice, but at the same time, a large amount of macromolecular substances such as pectin and starch were used in the filtration of hollow fiber membranes. The pore size of the membrane will be blocked, so the recovery of the water flux of the membrane is mainly considered in the cleaning process; during ultrafiltration cleaning, the equipment is first routinely cleaned with an alkaline cleaning agent, and the membrane is cleaned with a chlorine-containing cleaning agent. In the process of removing the residues of fruit and vegetable materials in the membrane, it also plays a role of sterilization; after regular cleaning, regularly use the designated enzyme cleaning agent to strengthen the cleaning of ultrafiltration and maximize the water flux of ultrafiltration.
In the concentration equipment of juice processing production line, falling film tubular evaporator equipment is generally used. As the processing of concentrated end products, tubular falling film evaporator evaporation is characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption. It is used at the end of production. Yes, but when cleaning, because of its technical characteristics, it will lead to many difficulties in cleaning the equipment. The cleaning time is very long, there are dead spots for cleaning, and the dirt is trapped in the juice production equipment, making it difficult to clean the equipment better. Filling is the end of juice production. It is a very important step. If one step is wrong, all previous efforts will be lost. Filling has high requirements on cleaning principles, so it should be more conservative when choosing and using cleaning agents.
The fruit juice processing production line is a production line that our company has accumulated for many years and fully absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign equipment. The equipment and processes used in the production of different juices are also different. If you want to know more knowledge, please come to Guofeng for consultation.