Freshly squeezed juice beverage production equipment, juice production line equipment

June 19, 2023

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  At present, there are more types of fruit juice drinks, including cloudy fruit juice and green fruit juice. Mango is also a fruit often used to make juice drinks, which are more of a cloudy fruit drink.
Fruit juice production line equipment manufacturers raw fruit selection: freshly picked, should choose full, uniform color raw fruit, remove rotten mangoes, mangoes should be processed, no insects inside and outside the raw fruit, fresh mangoes should be refrigerated first, if mangoes need to be processed, mangoes should be thawed . Once thawed, put in a fruit collector and throw most of the rotting fruit into the discard box.
  Juice production line equipment manufacturers choose complete mangoes, concentrate on soaking in the pool, and then soak the mangoes into the soaking washing machine, use the dimension bubble washing machine to use high-pressure water, through the upward impulse, brush cleaning, and rinse the upward chain plate, each time a batch of mangoes can be lifted. The mangoes are lifted to the top and the mangoes are thrown into containers or equipment.
  The processing method of mango is to use beating for a long period of time, which can be connected with the beating machine through a hoist. The mangoes from the elevator fall into the hopper of the beater, and the mangoes are directly beaten into juice. The beating is made of 304 material, and the working principle is the screw tunnel. Different small juices can be adjusted through the network, with 300 mesh, 200 mesh, and 150 mesh.
  Separate juice outlet channel, and slag discharge tank below. At the same time, the washing method is also very simple. The particle size of the fruit juice processed by the beater is still relatively high, and the fruit juice can be ground again with colloidal grinding. The principle of vitamin colloid grinding is to use gears to divide materials into smaller particles by shearing force generated by materials and gaps.
  The obtained puree is added to the mixing tank for production. A hybrid system consists of a variety of devices. The juice drink itself has a much lighter flavor when diluted with water. White sugar needs to be added for flavor and aroma. There are certain requirements for the dissolution of white sugar. After heating, it needs to be fully dissolved, and water is added to form syrup. The dimension mixing system tank for fruit juice drinks is made of 304 stainless steel. After mixing, the drink is passed through a filter to remove impurities. Due to the high content of mango, some materials tend to sink to the bottom during filling, resulting in a lack of mouthfeel. Juice drinks processed with a high-pressure homogenizer can solve the problem of materials sinking to the bottom by using a high-pressure homogenizer to make the ingredients in the mango juice into smaller components.
  In order to stabilize the quality of fruit juice drinks, the shelf life of the output can be extended to a more objective time, mainly controlled from multiple aspects. The principle is: "Aseptic" In the process of juice deployment, Dimension Machinery often adopts the method of thermal modulation, adding raw pulp through steam heating, fast motor stirring, and adding various preservatives, through temperature sterilization, through short-term sterilization, to make the juice Beverages are sterilized before filling.