Fruit Processing Line Juice Filling Machine

May 11, 2022

Latest company news about Fruit Processing Line Juice Filling Machine

Juice filling machines play a key role in fruit processing lines. Empty bottles are transported with a plastic bottle clamped at the mouth of the bottle, and glass bottles are transported with a support bottom. The juice filling machine generally adopts the filling method of micro negative pressure. After the sealing gasket under the filling valve is in close contact with the bottle mouth, the filling valve mouth is pushed open by the upward force, and the juice beverage in the liquid cylinder is filled through the filling. The valve enters the bottle by its own gravity, and the air return pipe on the filling valve continuously draws air, so that the exhaust in the bottle is faster, and the corresponding filling speed is also faster. This is the benefit of micro-negative pressure.
The return system of the juice filling machine is equipped with a vacuum system. When the material is full, the remaining juice drinks will be sucked into the return tank. At the moment when the bottle mouth is separated from the filling valve mouth, the juice material in the bottle mouth will also be sucked out, leaving a certain amount of filling. The juice beverage sucked into the return tank will be returned to the sterilizer in the front section for sterilization and filling, so as to ensure that the filling temperature of the juice material is at the set temperature.
For glass bottle juice beverage filling machine, warm water should be used for pre-rinsing to avoid bottle burst due to excessive filling temperature, and a heating system can be set to heat pure water before rinsing. The sealed bottled beverage is cooled in the spray sterilization section, and the secondary sterilization is carried out with a sterilization time of about 30 minutes at 75 °C. Immediately after cooling, the juice cannot be stored at high temperature for a long time, which affects the taste and color of the beverage. After sterilization, the juice must be cooled immediately. If the glass bottle needs to be cooled in sections, that is, the temperature is slowly lowered, and the cold water is sprayed directly, it will burst.
The liquid cylinder of the juice filling machine has upper and lower round heads, and there is no dead angle for cleaning. After the beverage production is completed, all equipment, pipes, and machines in contact with the juice need to be cleaned and disinfected to avoid breeding bacteria and affect subsequent processing and production. CIP automatic cleaning equipment includes acid tank, hot alkali tank and pure water tank with internal heating function. Process pumps and return pumps are used to move the sanitizing cleaning solution back and forth through the equipment flow, cleaning all corners of the equipment. Glass bottle caps are made of aluminum screw caps, cap pressure caps, easy-to-pull ring caps, and triple-screw caps. Before sealing the bottle, you need to use a spray device, spray the mouth of the bottle with pure water, and bacteria will not grow after sealing.
The filling machine of the juice production and processing equipment will be equipped with a dryer to dry the surface of the bottle, otherwise the label will fall off easily and the box will be wet. The current production date is engraved on the surface of the bottle by a laser encoder. The automatic labeling machine adopts self-adhesive roll labeling paper. When the beverage bottle passes by, the labeling operation is carried out by rolling. The self-adhesive label after pasting is clean, hygienic and beautiful, very firm and will not fall.
The fruit juice filling machine of Guofeng fruit processing production line has a beautiful and elegant overall structure, strong and durable. Friends who are interested in juice filling machine equipment are welcome to come to consult!