Gofun explains the sterilization of bottle caps in the juice production line

June 17, 2022

Latest company news about Gofun explains the sterilization of bottle caps in the juice production line

Now, everyone pays more attention to hygiene issues, and the hygiene issues in the beverage industry have also attracted many people's attention. Therefore, ultraviolet sterilization is now added to the juice production line. After the microorganisms are irradiated by ultraviolet rays, the internal protein will be denatured. , causing the microorganisms to die. Let's take a look below.
In the juice production line, the cap conveyor is generally a capping machine or a capping machine. Ultraviolet sterilization lamps are usually installed on the upper part of the conveyor belt or the upper part of the storage bin of the cap feeding machine. The bottle caps will be irradiated by ultraviolet rays during transportation, and the parts of the bottle caps irradiated by ultraviolet rays can achieve a good sterilization effect. . Because the light transmittance of the bottle cap is relatively poor, there is no way for ultraviolet rays to penetrate through the bottle cap to the other side. Therefore, the bottle cap can only achieve a partial sterilization effect, and the sterilized surface is random. In order to sterilize the surface of the bottle caps in a targeted manner, an ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be installed on the cap glide path of the capping machine or capping machine, because the direction of the bottle caps passing through this place has been arranged to be consistent, and the ultraviolet rays are irradiated. The side that arrives is the side where the beverage and the cap are in contact, which can effectively improve the sterilization effect. The equipment for ultraviolet sterilization is relatively simple, no other equipment is required, the cost is relatively low, the operation and management are more convenient, and it is used more.
Because of the structure of the slide and the killing effect of ultraviolet rays on microorganisms, ultraviolet sterilization is generally suitable for the following types of beverage filling bottle caps. Carbonated beverages contain CO2, which is acidic, so that the growth of microorganisms can be inhibited. Therefore, the use of ultraviolet sterilization for carbonated beverage bottle caps can meet the hygienic needs of the market. In this method, during production, the new caps are poured into the storage bin of the capping machine, and the caps are sterilized by ultraviolet radiation in the storage bin of the capping machine or on the conveyor belt; under the capping machine An ultraviolet germicidal lamp can also be set on the cap slideway, so that the inner surface of the bottle cap is also irradiated by ultraviolet rays for sterilization, and can be directly sent to the capping machine after sterilization. There are various microorganisms in fruit juice beverages and tea beverages, and beverage sterilization is to eliminate these undesirable microorganisms. At present, the short-term high-temperature sterilization method is generally used on the market, also known as the instantaneous sterilization method. High-temperature filling can quickly cool down the beverage after instantaneous sterilization, and it will be filled when it is between 85 ° C and 92 ° C. The bottle of beverage generally chooses a hot-filling bottle with heat-resistant crystallization. The cap usually chooses to use the bottle cap that is resistant to high temperature of 85 °C. Generally, the filling method of full bottle filling is selected. After filling and capping or screwing the cap, a bottle pouring device should be added. 180°, the high temperature of the beverage itself can carry out relevant sterilization treatment on the inside of the bottle cap. Therefore, ultraviolet sterilization can also be used in the pretreatment of bottle caps.
This is all about the ultraviolet sterilization of bottle caps in the juice production line. When purchasing a juice production line, everyone should have the above knowledge to judge whether the juice production line is qualified and whether it can guarantee the quality of the finished juice. Guofeng Industry With rich experience, we can customize suitable juice production lines according to different juices. If you need, you can call for consultation.