Gofun formulates jam production lines for different situations to meet customer needs.

June 9, 2022

Latest company news about Gofun formulates jam production lines for different situations to meet customer needs.

The production process of jam is relatively strict, so now we have started to use a complete set of jam production line, which can improve the efficiency of production, ensure the quality of jam, and also provide convenience for people's lives. The natural fruit acid of jam can promote the secretion of human digestive juice, which can enhance appetite and help digestion. For different jams, different processing methods are used, such as blueberry jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam, ketchup, pineapple juice, orange juice, pear juice, grape juice and apple juice, etc.
The jam production line is more suitable for the jam production and processing of tropical fruits and rare varieties of fruits. The process design of the jam production line is relatively advanced, the quality of equipment manufacturing and engineering installation are relatively good, the structure is relatively compact, the appearance is relatively beautiful, and the wiring is relatively reasonable. The characteristics of the jam production line are roughly as follows: 1. Multipurpose. The jam production line system completely simulates the industrial production and is the reproduction of the industrial production line. The jam production line can be used to teach and demonstrate production processes, as well as research recipes, identify flavors, apply additives and make samples. 2. System integrity. For different products such as concentrated juice, jam, clear juice and cloudy juice, the jam production line can start from cleaning raw materials, then to lifting, testing fruit, crushing, juicing, preheating and deactivating enzymes, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration, concentration, deployment, dehydration A complete production line system for gas, homogenization, sterilization, filling and straight jam packaging. 3. Separate critical equipment. Taking into account the research on the jam production line process, some equipment can be used in the system or alone without additional facilities. And in the energy supply, it can be used alone as much as possible to save energy. 4. The design of low production capacity (it can reach 20L/H when it is relatively low) saves raw materials and facilitates the preparation of materials in the subsequent test process. It is more suitable for the research and development department to do product process research, and can also be used for long-term jam production. 5. Considering the system characteristics, the geographical location of the laboratory and the limited energy supply, the energy consumption design of the jam production line is more reasonable and convenient. 6. The pipeline of the jam production line is fully considered to be demonstrated to the visitors, so the arrangement is very neat, and each operating system unit can be a system by itself. 7. The jam production line has advanced technological design, relatively good equipment manufacturing quality and engineering installation quality, which well guarantees the rational layout, beautiful appearance, compact structure and excellent design of the entire jam production line system.
The above are the advantages of the jam production line. It can be seen from the above that the jam production line plays an irreplaceable role in the production of jam, and it is also related to the quality of the jam, so a good jam production line is very important. Guofeng has 15 years of industry experience, and can formulate suitable jam production lines according to the specific environment to meet your various needs. If you have any needs, you can call for consultation.