How much do you know about the precautions in making jam?

July 26, 2023

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Jam can promote the secretion of digestive juice, contains natural fruit acid, has the effect of enhancing appetite and helping digestion. The quality of the jam purchased is difficult to guarantee, and it is not affordable enough. It is a good choice to make jam by yourself. When making jam, you need to pay attention to many things, otherwise it will harm the taste of jam. So what should be paid attention to in the process of making jam?
  1. The use of sugar
  Usually, the net weight of sugar is 30% of the net weight of the pulp. Friends who like sweet food can add more sugar. In the process of making jam, the proportion of sugar used should be determined by the weight of the pulp. In fact, sugar is not only used as seasoning, but also as a preservative. The amount of sugar used will determine the storage time of the jam, and the normal use of sugar will extend the shelf life of the jam.
   There are also a few small details, namely: old rock sugar can improve the gloss of the jam, and the jam made of maltose will be very viscous. However, the jam made with maltose is not suitable for long-term storage and needs to be matched as needed. In addition, it is suggested that white sugar and old rock sugar can be mixed to make jam, there will be unexpected surprises.
   2. Cooking time
   Another point to note in jam making is that the cooking time of fruits is different. Fruits with firm flesh, such as peaches and watermelon skins, are added with sugar and allowed to stand so that the moisture and gum arabic in the flesh are sufficient to settle, then add an appropriate amount of water to bring to a gradual boil. Fruits with rich juices, such as tomatoes, kiwis, etc., should be boiled in time. The color of the jam boiled in a wok is dull, and there will be a rusty smell, which is neither good-looking nor delicious. Stainless steel steamers, rice cookers, and stone pots can be used. The mixing shovel should be wooden shovel, stainless steel plate shovel.
  3. Jam storage
   Preserving jam requires adding a little antioxidant. A natural, non-toxic antioxidant is lemonade, plus some that are both delicious and extend the shelf life of jams. The water bottle for the jam should be neat, dry, and water-free with a diaphragm vacuum pump. We can find some wide-mouthed glass jars, boil water on high heat, or steam them on a pot to achieve the purpose of sterilization and degreasing, and then turn them upside down to let the water in the bottles drain out and dry. After preparation, put it in the refrigerator for freezing and reserve, and take it out when necessary.
  In our life, there are more and more types of jams. Different jams have different tastes, characteristics and health care functions. Product development of new compound jams has become a key aspect of future jams. At present, relevant research mainly involves the production of fruit compound jams such as strawberries, strawberry carrots, strawberry apricots, orange peel strawberries and vegetable compound jams. Different raw materials are matched with each other in terms of nutrition, color and texture , Improve the production process standards and recipes, so that the compound jam has natural color, unique taste and more complete nutrition.