Introduction of single screw press and twin screw press in fruit processing production line

April 3, 2023

Latest company news about Introduction of single screw press and twin screw press in fruit processing production line

In the scope of our life, the fruit processing production line needs to use a lot of mechanical equipment, including single screw presses. It can squeeze many materials to meet our further needs, and it is a very practical equipment. Let's take a look at its working process together.
In the fruit processing production line, the single-screw press works in a single-screw press. Its shell is made of stainless steel, which is very smooth and rarely corroded. It is also more thorough in cleaning, so it is very easy to use. During the working process, its screw shaft rotates along the direction of the discharge port, and when the bottom diameter gradually increases, its screw pitch will gradually decrease, so that the material can be continuously squeezed.
The pressing effect of this equipment is good, and the slag discharge rate can be adjusted, so it is convenient to control the effect. It can squeeze many materials such as apples, grapes, spinach and other materials, which is very practical. Therefore, you can choose a suitable single-screw press according to your actual needs.
Fruit processing production line twin-screw press machine is a kind of fruit and kitchen waste treatment equipment, which has good application in hotels and farmers' markets. In the composition of the press machine, the bearing is a part. If the bearing is damaged, the press will make a lot of noise, which will affect the operation of the press equipment in severe cases. Therefore, if you want to protect the equipment for long-term use, sealing and lubrication work should be in place.
1. If the bearing is found to be damaged, replace it with a new one in time. When installing a new bearing, do not be careless, but be careful and very standardized. Avoid scars, indentations, fractures, and strong impacts on the bearings.
2. In the process of using the twin-screw press, it is not allowed to get too much water, and it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-rust treatment of the bearings regularly. Clean and maintain the lubricant on the bearing seat and the surrounding area.
When repairing the bearing of the press, the work to be done is as follows:
(1) In order to achieve the purpose of rough, clean and dry shaft repair surface, surface treatment is required: baking oil, grinding, cleaning;
(2) Blend the Soleil carbon nano-polymer material, and then apply it evenly to the surface of the shaft;
(3) Rapid prototyping by on-site repair process;
(4) material curing;
(5) Clean the surface and complete the repair work of the bearing position;
(6)Complete the bearing assembly according to various assembly requirements, which can realize the hot loading of bearings and other components.
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