Introduction of tubular sterilizer for mango processing production line

April 29, 2022

Latest company news about Introduction of tubular sterilizer for mango processing production line

The mango processing production line tubular sterilizer is an all-stainless steel horizontal device with a heater made of stainless steel tube inside, and the cylindrical shell is made of stainless steel. A steam chamber is formed between the heating pipe and the shell, and the waste water discharged from the steam trap in the steam chamber can be used to preheat the material to achieve the effect of energy saving. The pipes connected to the steam chamber are equipped with pressure gauges and safety valves to measure the pressure in the steam chamber and ensure the stability of production operation. The discharge pipe is equipped with a thermometer, which is convenient to grasp the temperature of the material.
The mango processing production line tubular sterilizer can be widely used in the instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization of liquid food materials such as dairy products, beverages, fruit juices, and low-viscosity pulp. Can also be used for viscous liquids containing fibers and particles. The control system adopts PLC and touch screen, with advanced control software and good man-machine interface, to monitor the whole process of production, which can realize automatic control from equipment disinfection, production to CIP cleaning.
Mango processing production line tubular sterilizer is widely used in fruit juice, tea beverage, milk beverage, milk beverage, ketchup, condiment, beer, ice cream, egg products, solid powder and other products, product taste screening, color screening, color matching, stabilizer / Emulsifier application, new product development, sample production, etc. This tubular sterilizer can simulate the production state of an industrial sterilizer, combined with heating, sterilization, cooling, and heat recovery, to truly reflect the production data, and is very suitable for R&D institutions in universities and production institutions to obtain test data.
The mango processing production line tubular sterilizer can sterilize the microorganisms on the packaging materials, products, packaging parts and packaging accessories to the allowable range. This sterilizer is specially designed for the collection of test data in university laboratories and R&D institutions of production units, and is used in the continuous sterilization process of fruit and vegetable juice, concentrated juice, fruit juice drinks or similar products.
The operator only needs to input the required pu value, the system can automatically display parameters such as water spray temperature and running time, the computer automatically controls the water spray temperature in each temperature zone, and displays the pu value reached by each row of beer in the sterilizer. Users can also automatically select parameters after the shutdown function is completed, adjust the temperature of each temperature zone according to the length of shutdown time, and have an intelligent control system with working condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and management functions.
The components of the mango processing production line tubular sterilizer include: integrated temperature transmitter, mechanical and gas mixing temperature automatic control system, on-machine, off-machine (programmable controller), pneumatic film valve, solenoid valve, compressed air filtration pressure Valves, printers, pressure transmitters, air circuits, etc.
The advantages of the tubular sterilizer for mango processing production line are: the material and the heating medium are heated by non-contact heat exchange in their respective sealing systems to ensure the hygiene and safety of the material; the sterilization time is short to ensure that the nutrients of the material are not damaged; the whole machine Made of food-grade stainless steel, it meets the national safety and hygiene requirements for beverage and food equipment, with good heat transfer effect, high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption.
The above is the introduction of the tubular sterilizer of the mango processing production line. The tubular sterilizer is mainly suitable for the processing and production lines of various liquid foods. It is suitable for aseptic film packaging, aseptic paper packaging, aseptic PET bottle packaging and aseptic packaging. Roof pack production line. If you want to know more about mango jam processing production line, welcome to call Guofeng Company.