Introduction to the storage methods of four fruit juice drinks

July 24, 2023

Latest company news about Introduction to the storage methods of four fruit juice drinks

Juice has the flavor of natural fruit, can quench thirst, has high nutritional value and health care function, and is a green and healthy drink. However, problems such as nutrient loss, aromatic substances escaping, and browning of fruit juice during processing and storage have not been effectively resolved. This is one of the key factors restricting the development of my country's fruit juice processing industry. The following Shanghai Guofeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce various storage technologies for fruit juice beverages.
  Ultra-high pressure sterilization technology
  Ultra-high pressure sterilization uses water as the medium in a closed container, and under a pressure of 400~600pa, it can almost eliminate most of the bacteria, molds and yeasts in the juice. Ultra-high pressure sterilization technology can effectively retain the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of fruits. According to long-term studies, the total number of bacteria, yeasts and molds also decreased with increased stress. Yeast, mold and non-spore-forming bacteria can be completely eliminated with some pressure, but coryneform bacteria may also remain.
  High-voltage pulse electric pulse sterilization technology
  High-voltage pulsed electric field sterilization is a technology that uses strong electric field pulses to inhibit microorganisms in juice drinks. There is a certain potential difference between the inside and outside of the microbial cell membrane. When there is an electric field, it can increase the potential difference of the membrane and improve the permeability of the cell membrane. The appearance, expansion and vibration of microbial cell membrane pores can lead to the collapse of microbial cells. The ultra-high voltage pulsed electric field has short processing time, low energy consumption, fast transmission speed and good uniformity. After sterilization, the original flavor of the juice can be maintained. Some Aspergillus niger and yeast can be treated in juice drinks.
  Radiation sterilization technology
  Irradiation sterilization uses ionizing rays when sterilizing fruit juice drinks. Ionizing rays have strong penetrating power and are generally used for sterilization in packaged juice drinks. After the juice drink is sterilized by radiation, the temperature inside the juice will basically not change. This technology can effectively guarantee the original color, characteristics and flavor of juice drinks. At the same time, sterilization techniques must not leave residues. This technology has high sterilization efficiency, can effectively save time and energy, reduce costs, and is widely used in daily life.
  Anti-browning technology
  Juice drinks will undergo browning during processing, transportation and storage, which will reduce the desire to eat, affect the color of the juice, and reduce its nutritional value. Prevent fruit juice browning as much as possible. There are generally two cases of browning in fruit juice drinks, one is enzymatic browning, and the other is non-enzymatic browning.
  The above is the introduction of the storage methods of the four juice drinks. I look forward to being helpful to everyone. If you need more detailed information, you can contact Shanghai Gofun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. for consultation and cooperation. Our company has always been committed to providing one-stop solutions for fruit and vegetable processing projects, from process design and optimization, factory layout, to equipment design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales, all of which are tailor-made for customers.