Introduction to the use and operation of fruit juice beverage production line

June 26, 2023

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  Before using the equipment of the fruit juice production line, the reservoir must be cleaned with light hot water and then sterilized with steam. The material slurry enters the cylinder from the material pipe fixed on the cylinder head, or the material should not be too full, so as to avoid the material splashing out when the mixer is stirring, causing unsanitary environment or loss. When heating, you must close the refrigerant inlet valve, place the remaining refrigerant in the jacket, then input the material, start the agitator, then open the steam valve, first close the steam valve, and then turn off the agitator after 2-3 minutes. So what is the use and operation of the fruit juice beverage production line? Let's learn about it with the editor of Shanghai Guofeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  1. Cooling method: close the steam valve, release the remaining steam condensate in the jacket, and then open the refrigerant valve at the bottom of the cylinder to let the refrigerant pass through the jacket to reduce the temperature of the material in the cylinder.
  2. Heat preservation: According to the required temperature, start the mixer and high-speed valve, and maintain the temperature (pay attention to the thermometer) to achieve the purpose of heat insulation.
  3. Cleaning: After processing, after the remaining condensed water of the jacket in the cylinder is discharged, it should be rinsed with warm water as soon as possible to brush off the sticky materials, and then fully cleaned on the inner wall of the container with 40C-50C alkaline water, and rinsed with clean water. When using it next time, use hot water or steam (90C) above
  4. Maintenance: Always pay attention to the operation of the entire fruit juice beverage production line and reducer. If the reducer lacks lubricating oil, the lubricating oil should be replenished immediately, and the oil should be changed every six months. When the equipment is not in use, the jacket must be washed with warm water to avoid salt water corrosion, and the cylinder should be scrubbed frequently to maintain a durable appearance.
The fruit juice beverage production line is widely used in the determination and updating of the original formula of jam, biopharmaceuticals, milk, fruit juice, condiments, beer, fruit drinks, ice cream, egg products, cream, red bean paste, bean paste, product taste screening, color selection, etc. Evaluation, application of stabilizers/emulsifiers, development of new products and production of samples. The fruit juice beverage production line can fully simulate the production status of the online homogenizer, aseptic filling machine, and industrial sterilizer, heating, sterilizing, cooling, online homogenizing, and aseptic filling in one body. It can be continuously produced and truly reflects the production data. .
  At present, there are many kinds of mechanical products, but there are very few good brands. Why do some companies pay no attention to brand and only research and development? Therefore, good products affect the increase in market share because there are no good brands. Brand is the soul of an enterprise. To manage its own brand well, an enterprise must have reliable product quality, good after-sales service and image marketing.
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