Introduction to the workflow of fruit juice beverage production line

June 12, 2023

Latest company news about Introduction to the workflow of fruit juice beverage production line

       Screening, cleaning, juicing or soaking and filling of fruit juice raw materials are the main processes of the fruit juice beverage production line. The processed fruit juice can be directly put into the tank, add appropriate amount of sugar and additives and water, put the juice into the tank according to the proportion, and use the 304 stainless steel blending system to achieve the food hygiene level, and at the same time, the high-speed motor stirs the material to dissolve quickly. After the dissolved material is filtered by the double filter, it enters the homogenization and degassing. Both the homogenization and degassing are made of 304 material, and the pipeline valve is sanitary. The function of homogenization is to make the particles in the juice float more evenly, and the function of degassing is to ensure a longer shelf life and extend the shelf life at the same time.
  Juice beverage production line workflow:
  1. Selection of raw materials: Juice raw materials should remove fermented and unripe fruits, and choose soft fruits with high maturity.
  2. Cleaning: The cleaning of raw materials before juicing is an important measure to reduce pollution, and more attention should be paid to juicing with the skin on. Therefore, the sediment and impurities on the peel must be washed with running water. Rinse with solution if necessary, then rinse with water.
  3. Beating: on the concentrated juice assembly line, use a beater to beat and peel the pulp, and use the wrapped fruit pulp to squeeze the juice, and the juice yield can reach more than 70%.
  4. Deployment: The coarsely filtered fruit juice is diluted with water until the refraction is 4%. Then, mix it according to the ratio of 90 kg fruit juice and 10 kg white granulated sugar, and keep stirring to make the sugar completely dissolve.
  5. Filtration: The mixed juice is filtered and separated through a centrifugal filter to remove the remaining part of fiber, minced meat, peel, fruit seeds and impurities.
  6. Homogenization: The filtered juice is homogenized by a homogenizer to keep the juice uniform and turbid, which can further break the fine pulp. The homogenizer pressure is 10-12 MPa.
  7. Sterilization and cooling: use high temperature sterilization and other methods to sterilize the concentrated juice.
  8. Filling and sealing: heat the juice, fill it when the juice temperature is not lower than 80°C, and quickly seal it.
  Juice filling system, the way is wind drive bottle. The bottle feeding method also adopts the bottle mouth method, which is beneficial to the operation of the bottle. At the same time, it is compatible with the switching of various bottles. The cleaning module adopts 304 stainless steel racks and pipes. Fruit juice drinks are quickly filled with micro-negative pressure. The twist cap is made of red copper and the swivel cap head. The twist cap, according to the tightness of the bottle. The magnetic force can be controlled according to requirements, and the falling device can be replaced to realize the falling of various beverages after filling.
After the fruit juice drink is filled, the product needs to be packaged in the later stage to reduce the temperature of the bottle body. If the temperature is too high for a long time, it is easy to lose the nutrition of the product. At the same time, the bottle body sweats and the expression is not easy to stick to the bottle body. The tunnel-type multi-stage cooling is the equipment used for bottle cooling. It lowers the temperature of the bottle in the form of a shower. At the same time, the water spray section is used in a multi-stage cycle. The pump uses strong pressure to circulate from the tank liquid cylinder below for showering.