Juice beverage production line filling machine encounters common problems from operating procedures

June 1, 2022

Latest company news about Juice beverage production line filling machine encounters common problems from operating procedures

The filling machine of the juice processing line should be checked before use. Before you start using it, make sure the charger's power plug is connected to a 380V power source and the case is grounded. Make sure the air pressure in the filling machine is normal. Check the motor and bearings for lubrication. Oil-free operation is strictly prohibited. Only after normal can start the machine. Observe at the same time. Whether there is a material chain plate on the conveyor belt of all liquid storage tanks, whether there is foreign matter on the conveyor belt, whether there is a bottle cap on the track of the storage cover, whether the water, electricity and air sources are connected, and whether all liquid storage tanks have material chain plates. Whether the fasteners are connected. If the parts are loose, make sure all parts run stably and wait patiently before using them normally.
Check that the filling machine safety equipment of the juice processing line is functioning properly. Check that the valve of the reaction tank and the piping of the filter unit are tightly connected, the filter cloth of the filter unit is not damaged, and whether the cover is covered with fastening bolts to ensure that there is no leakage. Packing pressure. Check all connecting wires associated with the filling machine to ensure there are no broken skins, short circuits and other defects.
Before the filling machine of the juice processing production line is started, check whether all the water tanks have water, whether the chain plates are fixed, whether there is any debris on the conveyor belt, bottle cap, water source, connecting power supply, and main power supply, and turn on the power indicator light and emergency stop indicator again. lamp. Press the start button on the control box, then press the start switch on the charging point and let the buzzer sound three times. After the warning is over, the whole machine starts to work and enters the fully automatic working mode of cleaning, flushing and filling. When the machine stops, press the stop button on the charging position and the control box, and cut off the main power after stopping.
The air pressure of the filling machine of the juice processing production line is unstable, and the filling power is driven by the cylinder. When the air pressure is unstable, the filling volume accuracy of the machine is greatly affected, and the machine must ensure a stable air pressure source. Solution: By checking the pneumatic triple-type air pressure gauge on the machine, you can judge whether there is a problem with the air pressure. Because the air pressure is relatively large when the machine is started, the first inflation usually has a large error. In this case, it is not recommended to investigate the pneumatic triplets.
The filling machine of the juice processing production line has air leakage. We all know that the filling part of the equipment needs to be sealed. If there is air leakage, it will affect the filling accuracy. Solution: If the re-feeding tube and the filling machine meet the position of the bubble, it can be determined whether the machine is leaking. At this time, it is necessary to check all the joints again to ensure that the sealing ring does not fail. Judging from the above one by one, the leakage position is generally caused by unsealed welding caused by some joints of the pipeline, and attention should be paid during inspection.
The filling machine of the fruit juice processing production line integrates cleaning, filling and capping, and is suitable for the filling and production of various fruit juice beverages. After simple adjustment of some components, the machine can also be used for the bottling production of pure water and mineral water. Using isobaric filling technology, filling is fast, stable and accurate, and the equipment is equipped with a perfect return system to avoid secondary pollution and oxidation of beverages.