Process flow and application equipment of wine production line

June 13, 2023

Latest company news about Process flow and application equipment of wine production line

Wine production line equipment mainly includes freezing tanks, juice collection tanks, fermentation tanks, wine storage tanks, sugar tanks, crushing, pressing, separation in the early stage, storage and filling in the later stage. The important links of wine production equipment and technology are fermentation and cooling, such as the control of cooling storage and the control of fermentation temperature. The equipment technology and unique design adopted by different manufacturers may be different. From wine technology to key design, manufacture and installation, Shanghai Guofeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has professional advantages.
  1. The basic production process of wine and fruit wine:
  Raw material→crushing (pressing)→fermentation→separation→storage→clarification treatment→deployment→sterilization→filling→finished product
  2. The basic production process of raw wine processing:
  Raw material→crushing (pressing)→fermentation→separation→storage (clarification)→original wine
  3. Basic production process of processing and filling:
  Raw wine→clarification treatment→blending→sterilization→filling→finished product
  Common equipment for wine production line:
  1. Oak barrel
  The bright and elegant oak barrels are assembled through the process of extracting good wood above oak, section steaming, and dry cultivation. In addition to wine making, wine storage, and decoration, it also has the practical benefits of beautifying the space of tables and cabinets and enhancing the interest of life. Soaking wine in oak barrels will naturally release unique amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. It can not only store wine for a long time, but also has the function of antisepsis. In addition, due to the breathable function of the barrel wall, the moisture in the distilled wine can gradually evaporate, and the quality of the wine can become stronger and the structure stronger. Pure brandy and whiskey are distilled and stored in oak barrels for a period of time before being filtered and bottled. Therefore, the oak barrel is a clear-colored, spicy original wine, sublimated to become the mother of aging wine.
  2. Freezing tank
  The product is widely used in the freezing of products in beverage factories, food factories, wineries and other industries. Cooling time: 12 hours, can be cooled from 20°C to -18°C, refrigerant medium: ethylene glycol or ethanol.
   There are two types: horizontal and vertical. The material is imported stainless steel plate, and the thickness is generally between 2.5 and 5 mm. Auxiliary equipment: drain valve, vent valve, sampling valve, feed valve, liquid level device and edible silica gel with good sealing performance. The welding seam adopts argon arc welding, which is smooth and flat, and the pickling is pure.
  3. Wine fermentation tank
  The production process of fermented milk products and wine is sterile and pollution-free. Our unit's fermenter adopts a sterile system, which greatly prolongs the shelf life and purity of your products, and avoids and prevents microbial contamination in the air. Our company has designed aseptic breathing hole or aseptic positive pressure fermentation system. The heating or cooling medium can be fed in for circulating heating and cooling, and the tank is equipped with a Milo plate or a labyrinth jacket. The capacity can be 200-15000ML, and can also be customized according to your requirements.
  The article mainly introduces the process and application equipment of the wine production line! I look forward to being helpful to everyone. If you need to know more detailed information, you can contact Shanghai Guofeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. for consultation and cooperation. We are committed to providing one-stop solutions for fruit, vegetable and wine processing projects.