Product Overview of Mango Juice Processing Line

April 23, 2022

Latest company news about Product Overview of Mango Juice Processing Line

Product overview of mango juice processing production line: Mango juice is divided into transparent juice and concentrated juice. Mango juice processing equipment is a fresh fruit produced by floating washing, crushing, enzymatic hydrolysis, ultrafiltration, concentration, sterilization and other processes. The whole production process is automatic and fully automatic, including automatic control and automatic cleaning, fault protection and other functions.
The cold extraction technology and enzyme inactivation technology of mango juice has completely changed the original production standard. Significantly reduces pesticide residues in the final product and better maintains the organoleptic and color properties of the raw material. The line includes a low temperature extraction system capable of processing the whole fruit or vegetable, avoiding all stripping and cutting lines to obtain a looser product with as little oxidation as possible.
The main points of the operation process of mango juice production line. Selection of raw materials: The raw materials for producing mango juice should be soft fruits with higher maturity, so fermented and unripe mangoes should be removed. Cleaning: Cleaning the ingredients before juicing is an important measure to reduce contamination, especially when juicing with the skin on. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the sediment and impurities on the peel with running water. Rinse with solution if necessary, then with water. Beating: use a beater to beat and peel, wrap the pulp with cloth to squeeze the mango juice, and the juice yield can reach more than 70%. Or pour the washed fruit into the press to squeeze the juice, and then filter the peel, fruit seeds and some crude fibers through a scraper filter. Formulation: The filtered mango juice was diluted with water to a refractive index of 4%. Then mix ninety kilograms of mango juice and ten kilograms of granulated sugar, stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar completely. Filtration: The obtained mango juice is filtered and separated by a centrifugal filter to remove the residual peel, kernel, part of the fiber, pulp and impurities. Homogeneous. The filtered mango juice can be homogenized by a homogenizer to further pulverize the fine pulp to keep the mango juice uniform and turbid. The pressure of the homogenizer is 10~12mpa. canned. Mango juice is heated, canned at a temperature not lower than 80°C, and then quickly sealed. Sterilized cooling. Quickly sterilize after sealing, and then quickly cool to below 40°C.
Features of Mango Juice Production Line: Multipurpose: The system completely simulates industrial production and is a reproduction of an industrial production line. It can be used both for teaching and demonstration of all production processes, as well as for process formulation studies, taste screening, application of additives and sample production. System integrity: The production line system from original fruit cleaning to finished product packaging is complete, taking into account other processes such as extraction and concentration. Critical equipment availability: For some equipment (such as UHT), considering process studies, it is possible to integrate into the system without the need for ancillary facilities. Save energy by going as far as you can on your energy supply.
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