Production Technology of Mango Juice Processing Line

May 6, 2022

Latest company news about Production Technology of Mango Juice Processing Line

The production of fruit juice drinks is not as simple as pure water and mineral water. First of all, it is necessary to understand what fruit is, what process is used to extract juice, and crush juice. Or in the form of cooking and pulping. Different types of fruits have different pretreatment processes.
The mango juice processing production line is divided into muddy juice and clear juice according to the process, and the production process is very different. The process of enzymatic clarification of fruit juice is more complicated. Therefore, before making mango juice beverage, it is necessary to determine the production method of mango juice, and then determine the whole production process of mango juice beverage. Some places have abundant mango resources, which has great advantages in making mango beverages, but these are few, so there are manufacturers who buy puree for blending, which is much simpler than starting from mangoes.
The mango juice processing production line uses mango puree to make juice drinks, and the sugar melting pot is used to dissolve white sugar and adjust the sweetness of the drinks. The main ingredients are all done in the mixing tank, and two batching pots need to be configured, one for ingredients and the other for feeding. Add flavors and other accessories during the ingredient process to adjust the taste, acidity, sweetness, color, etc. of the beverage. The homogenizer generally uses a pressure of 25mpa, and the mango juice beverage passes through high pressure to prevent the mango juice from precipitation. The double filter is filtered by a filter screen to remove some impurities incorporated in the ingredient process, making the beverage taste more delicate. Then enter the vacuum deoxygenation to reduce the oxygen content in the mango juice. Under the action of the pressure difference, the foam produced in the mango juice will disappear automatically, which also increases the shelf life. Then enter the sterilizer for sterilization, control the sterilization time and temperature, the general temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius, use the heat preservation tank to store the juice beverage, and perform the hot filling operation. It should be noted that the sugar melting tank, the batching tank and the heat preservation tank are all three-layer boilers heated by steam. Electric heating is also possible, but the cost is high. It is recommended to configure a small boiler. For steam heating.
Depending on the type of mango beverage, it is also necessary to perform secondary sterilization treatment before the mango beverage is cooled. Using spray-type sterilization cooling equipment, the finished mango juice beverage is sterilized for the second time at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius, and the sterilization time is about 30 minutes. After the second sterilization is completed, it immediately enters the cooling process. It is worth noting that because mango juice is in a high temperature state for a long time, it will affect the quality of the beverage. Since it is a glass bottle, it should be cooled in sections. Do not let the bottle directly contact cold water, otherwise the bottle will be damaged. First use warm water at 60 degrees Celsius, then use warm water at 40 degrees Celsius, and then use warm water at 20 degrees Celsius. The purpose is to Cool the drink to normal temperature.
The equipment of mango juice production line includes fresh fruit juice extraction system, purification system, filtration, degassing, batching, homogenization, sterilization system, capping system, beverage filling system, bottle inversion sterilization system, secondary spray sterilization cooling system. Bottle surface drying system, labeling system, code spraying system, packaging system, pipeline cleaning system after daily production.