Several main equipments in the juice processing production line

April 2, 2022

Latest company news about Several main equipments in the juice processing production line

The three-in-one filling machine for fruit juice processing production line combines the three functions of filling, rinsing and capping in one body, and the process is fully automatic. filling. The filling machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel and is precisely processed by CNC machine tools.
The main performance of the three-in-one filling machine equipment for juice processing production line: the bottle neck is suspended and the air conveying device is adopted, and the bottle loading speed is fast and the bottle will not be deformed. The rinse bottle mouth adopts advanced technology, which can avoid contact with the threaded mouth and ensure hygiene. The bottle conveying adopts the bottleneck technology, no need to adjust the height to change the bottle shape, only need to change the protective plate related to the diameter of the bottle body. The filling adopts valve lifting technology, and the filling valve adopts the new micro-pressure filling principle, which is quantitatively accurate. The PET bottle three-in-one machine integrates washing, filling and capping. It is based on foreign advanced technology and developed according to the filling process requirements of tea, juice, and other beverages. The filling temperature is generally around 82-85 degrees.
Juice processing production line beverage sterilizer equipment is used to manufacture various beverage equipment, generally composed of various beverage equipment processed by many production lines, such as bottle rinsers, filling machines, water treatment equipment, filtration equipment, sealing machines, sterilization equipment , CIP local cleaning machines, packaging equipment, etc.
Features of beverage sterilizer for juice processing production line: stainless steel material, no pollution. The machine uses water as the sterilization medium, and separates the sterilization tank and the cooling tank. The entire product is made of stainless steel. The temperature and time can be set according to the sterilization process of the packaging, and water is used as the sterilization medium, which is divided into a sterilization tank and a cooling tank. The stainless steel seamless pipe drill is reasonably distributed according to the heat exchange area, with fast heating and uniform temperature distribution, and is equipped with a circulating water pump. The heating part adopts a pressure-floating belt to ensure uniform heating and synchronous operation of the product. The automatic temperature control part adopts automatic and manual devices, which are reliable and safe.
The heating method of the beverage sterilizer of the juice processing production line adopts boiler steam, the cooling part adopts normal temperature water cooling, the cooling time is adjustable by frequency control, and the cooling adopts spray composite and water bath cooling methods to ensure that all products are completely cooled. Particularly suitable for continuous disinfection operations. The heating method adopts boiler steam, manual automatic temperature control system, small temperature difference, fast heating of water quality, uniform heating, and adjustable temperature. Complete sterilization, high density of packaging materials, suitable for continuous pasteurization of different products, good quality, no discoloration.
The juice processing production line storage tank can be used as a liquid storage tank, a stirring tank, a temporary liquid storage tank, a water storage tank, etc. It is suitable for dairy products, fruit juice beverages, chemical industry, food, medicine and biological engineering and other fields. Structural features of large storage tanks: single-layer stainless steel structure, made of sanitary stainless steel, the structural design is extremely user-friendly and maneuverable. The transition section of the inner wall of the cylinder adopts arc transition, which is smooth and has no dead angle.
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