The relevant role of some equipment in the fruit processing production line

July 27, 2022

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The fruit processing production line equipment is equipped with a bubble generating device, which can turn the raw materials over and remove the pesticide residues and impurities on the surface of the materials. At the same time, appropriate formulations can be added to complete disinfection, sterilization and curing. Impurities flow out from the fixed channel, so as to achieve a good cleaning effect. It has the characteristics of high cleanliness, environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, and stable and reliable equipment.
The fruit processing production line makes the water tumble through the high-pressure rotary air pump, which can quickly separate the dust and sediment on the surface of the material from the main body. The cleaned material is fed into the next process through the stainless steel mesh belt, and multiple fan nozzles are installed on the upper part of the discharge end to clean the fruit twice, and the cleaning effect is good.
The mesh belt sterilizer of the fruit processing production line adopts a new heating method, the bottom is not pasted, and the heating temperature is uniform. The sterilization speed is fast, from start to finish sterilization, up to 30 minutes. The compressor cools down quickly, saving a lot of electricity. No need to use water, no water waste, cost saving. Since no water is required, no water leaks will occur. There is no need to install drains to keep the storefront clean and tidy. Simple and practical operation. The compressor can be built-in or outdoor according to customer needs. Equipped with casters, the device can be moved anywhere at any time.
The fruit processing production line runs smoothly, with high strength, stainless steel material, not easy to deform, small scalability, simple operation, convenient maintenance, convenient machine maintenance, etc. Aseptic tube sterilization and aseptic barrel filling produce high quality aseptic juice products. The ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilizer and aseptic big bag filling machine can perform online CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization linkage to ensure the quality of the finished product and save more than 30% of energy compared with the traditional structure.
Fruit processing production line water bath sterilizer adopts steam and water mixed sterilization, and water cooling at room temperature. This machine has the characteristics of good sterilization effect, low noise, adjustable and durable, safe and reliable, automatic temperature control, convenient maintenance and so on. The machine can be used alone or together with other equipment production lines, and is an ideal sterilization equipment. The fruit processing production line and the whole process design pipeline connection arrangement considers the retention of natural aromatic components in the product, the entire cooling and heating process and material transportation, effectively prevent the loss of flavor substances caused by thermal response, and reduce the quality loss caused by high temperature oxidation of the pulp.
Gofun fruit processing production line equipment is a process and method for processing fresh fruit in order to maintain or improve the edible quality of the fruit. Fresh fruits are rich in nutrients, but their tissues are softer and contain more water, which makes them susceptible to various microbial parasites and physicochemical deterioration. The requirement of fruit processing is to improve the storability and easy transportation of the fruit, maintain the flavor and nutritional value of the fruit, and it is of great significance to regulate the market supply and make full use of the fruit resources.