What are the advantages of jam processing production line?

July 10, 2023

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  Jam processing production line is an advanced production technology, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of jam and maintain good quality and taste. In this article, we will explore the benefits of a jam processing line and how it compares to traditional methods of making it.
   1. Improve production efficiency
  Jam processing production line adopts mechanized processing method, which can complete mass production in a short period of time. In contrast, relying on manual methods requires more manpower and energy, and the production efficiency is relatively low. The jam processing production line not only improves work efficiency and precision, but is also relatively simple and easy to use. Workers can easily master this craft even without much experience and expertise.
   2. Improve product consistency
  The taste and quality of handmade jams may vary due to subtle differences in different people or processes. In the jam processing production line, all processes are operated by machines, and the technological process is very subjective, which means that it is difficult to produce differences caused by human factors. By controlling processing time, temperature, pressure, etc., the consistency and taste of each batch of jam is ensured.
  3. Reduce product loss
  Handmade jam has a certain loss rate, because many processes require manual operations, so it is more prone to omissions and mistakes. In the jam processing production line, all processes are operated by machines, and once there is a problem, it can be adjusted and repaired at any time. This reduces the loss of jam and helps to reduce costs and improve profitability.
  4. Improve production safety
  In the process of making jam by hand, a problem of food hygiene, handling food, the effect may be different due to many factors such as the health status of the operating staff, personal hygiene and operating specifications. However, the jam processing production line can adopt a procedural and closed production method, thereby reducing external interference and cross-contamination in the production line, and strengthening production safety and sanitation.
  5. Guarantee the freshness and quality of products
  Fresh fruit is easy to reduce nutritional value due to oxidation, and the time to make jam by hand may take as long as several hours. Therefore, even with the utmost care, oxidation can occur that can greatly reduce yields. On the contrary, the jam processing production line can process fresh fruits very quickly, which effectively prolongs the freshness period of the fruits and ensures the taste and quality of the jam.
  6. Avoid shortage of human resources
  There is a shortage of human resources in many traditional jam making factories. This is due to the difficulty of finding more manpower in the market when the demand for a specific time and season is not limited. The use of jam processing production lines can avoid this problem, greatly relieve the tension of human resources, and enhance productivity.
  Jam processing line is an efficient and automatic production line, which can process fresh fruit into delicious jam. The advantages of the production line are high production efficiency, stable product quality, simple and convenient operation, etc., so it has been widely used in the jam production industry.