What are the equipment of mango tea raw material production line?

August 29, 2023

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Mango tea is a tea drink made with mango as the main raw material. It has a mellow taste, sweet and delicious taste, and is deeply loved by consumers. In order to meet the market demand, the production line equipment of mango tea is gradually perfected and specialized. The following editor will introduce the main equipment of the mango tea raw material production line to help you better understand the production process of mango tea. Let’s get to know it together.

Mango processing equipment

1. Mango cleaning machine: It is used to clean the picked mangoes and remove the dirt and impurities on the surface.

2. Mango peeling machine: remove the outer skin of the cleaned mango for subsequent cutting and juicing.

3. Mango cutting machine: Cut the peeled mango into uniform small pieces, which is convenient for subsequent juicing and mixing.

4. Mango Juicer: Squeeze the cut mango pieces to obtain mango juice.

Tea processing equipment

1. Tea cleaning machine: It is used to clean the picked tea leaves and remove impurities and dirt on the surface.

2. Tea drying machine: Dry the washed tea leaves to remove moisture and increase the shelf life of the tea leaves.

3. Tea crusher: crush the dried tea leaves for subsequent mixing and extraction.

Mixing equipment

1. Mixing tank: Mix mango juice and tea powder to make them fully integrated to form the basic liquid of mango tea.

2. Blender: used to stir the mango juice and tea powder in the mixing tank to make them evenly mixed.

Extraction equipment

1. Ultrasonic extraction machine: Use the action of ultrasonic waves to extract the active ingredients in the mango tea base liquid in the mixing tank, so as to increase the taste and nutritional value of mango tea.

2. Filter: filter the mango tea liquid after ultrasonic extraction to remove solid particles and impurities, making the mango tea clearer and more transparent.

Sterilization equipment

1. Sterilization machine: Sterilize the filtered mango tea liquid to ensure the hygienic safety and stable quality of mango tea.

Filling equipment

1. Filling machine: Fill the sterilized mango tea liquid into bottles or bags, which is convenient for sale and consumption.


Packaging equipment

1. Packing machine: Pack the filled mango tea, which can be bottled, bagged or other forms, to ensure the appearance and packaging quality of the product.

Labeling equipment

1. Labeling machine: Label the packaged mango tea products, indicating the name, specification, production date and other information of the product, which is convenient for consumers to purchase and use.

The above are the main equipment of the mango tea raw material production line. Each equipment has its specific functions and functions. Through the coordinated operation of these equipment, the production and processing of mango tea can be realized. With the continuous advancement and innovation of science and technology, the equipment of the mango tea production line is also constantly updated and improved to improve production efficiency and product quality. I hope this article will help readers understand the production process and equipment of mango tea.