What are the reasons for the poor thermal conductivity of fruit and vegetable juice filtration equipment on the production line?

April 10, 2023

Latest company news about What are the reasons for the poor thermal conductivity of fruit and vegetable juice filtration equipment on the production line?

If the heat generated during the operation of the filter cannot be dissipated in time, the thermal conductivity of the fruit and vegetable juice filter equipment will be poor, resulting in an increase in the temperature around the filter and damage to the equipment. Therefore, once this happens, you should find out the reason and solve it in time.
The temperature in the filter cartridge is directly related to the thermophysical properties of the material. Fruit and vegetable juice filtration equipment mainly relies on hot air to prevent materials from drying out. In the production process, in order to ensure that the drying heat source can provide enough heat, it can not only save production costs, but also quickly dry materials. The usage rate and thermal conductivity of hot air are the direct factors affecting the drying effect.
The different shapes of materials will also directly affect the drying and dehydration performance and the temperature of the filter. Assuming that the heat source cannot be transferred from the source to the tail, it will affect the temperature between the two sections of the dehydrator, resulting in poor thermal conductivity of the filter; the blockage area of the material is large, resulting in the inability of the material to dry;
The solution to the poor thermal conductivity of the filter:
1. First control the consumption of filter equipment, and then increase or decrease its heat supply. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the filter and stop the machine in time. When the filter temperature is too high, the fuel supply should be reduced in order to meet the working needs of the filter.
2. Use filter equipment according to regulations, and achieve rapid cooling by installing air conditioners and other equipment externally, and do a good job in daily cleaning and maintenance.
Fruit and vegetable juice filtration equipment is small in size, novel in structure, simple and flexible in operation, closed in work, energy-saving, and strong in adaptability. It is suitable for many industries. If it is not installed properly, it will affect the use of later equipment and the thermal conductivity will also deteriorate. But it doesn't matter, the editor has sorted out some preventive measures to understand together below.
Before installation, check if there is any problem with the fruit and vegetable juice filter equipment, there are few parts, filter bag, sealing ring, metal inner mesh, two pressure gauges (optional), check the O-ring sealing ring and O-ring groove of the filter. If the O-ring is deformed, scratched, or damaged, or if there is a problem with the O-ring fitting, use a new one. The filter is placed in the filter station, connected to the inlet and outlet flanges or pipe teeth, and fixed; the exhaust port is blocked or equipped with an exhaust valve. Jacket type connection heat preservation heat source.
Make the neckline of the inner mesh coincide with the mouth of the filter, and gently put the metal inner mesh into the filter. Position the filter bag so that the filter bag ring is in line with the metal inner mesh collar. Note: If using a sewn filter bag, please fold the edge of the filter bag to improve the filtering effect of the sewn filter bag.
Put the molded sealing ring into the molded groove, fasten the filter bag pressure ring on the multi-bag filter, and the molded sealing ring must not be twisted or deformed. Hold the handle of the upper cover with one hand, grasp the other end of the upper cover with the other hand, align the upper cover with the filter port, lower it slowly, and naturally press it on the sealing ring and filter bag ring.
After the upper cover is aligned, tighten the two hanging caps at the opposite corners, and tighten all the hanging caps one by one (insert a short stick into the lifting ring and tighten). Filtration pressure is generally suitable for 0.1-0.3MPa, which can be adjusted through the return pipe or pump return valve. Excessive filtration pressure will damage the filter bag and protective net, so special attention is required.