What are the requirements for fruit juice processing raw materials for fruit processing production lines?

March 22, 2022

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The requirements for the cleanliness of fruit juice processing raw materials for fruit processing production lines mainly mean that the initial bacterial content and pesticide residues on the surface and interior of fruit raw materials meet the requirements. In fruit juice processing raw material dirt, the dirt contains a large number of microorganisms, some raw materials are mixed with leaves, small tree sap or packaging materials, some fruits are damaged or the surface of the fruit is covered with dirt. It spoils easily and quickly during storage, so cleaning and removing impurities is a very important process. The more important factor that determines the storage performance of raw materials for juice processing is the initial bacterial content of the raw materials at the time of purchase. The content of bacteria also determines the effect and duration of preservation (sterilization), thus ensuring the quality of the juice. At present, countries around the world have very strict requirements on pesticide residues in fruit juice. In particular, some special foods are not allowed to contain pesticide residues, such as baby food and health food.
The only way to limit pesticide residues in fruit and vegetable juice raw materials in fruit processing production lines is for fruit and vegetable juice manufacturers to sign contracts with fruit and vegetable raw material suppliers to ensure that processing enterprises can effectively supervise all planting measures of fruit and vegetable raw material suppliers, so that pesticide residues in fruit and vegetable raw materials will not exceed the contract. maximum. Juice producers should only allow raw material suppliers to use plant protection agents that have been tested, standardized by the state and have specified concentrations when implementing contracts. When applying these pesticides, the time interval should be set in advance. Stop pests and diseases on fruit as early as possible (winter spraying and growing leaves). After the leaves grow, targeted spraying operations should be carried out in combination with biological control measures, rather than general spraying operations, and if possible, no spraying at all. At the same time, fruit juice enterprises should strive to improve the cleanliness of fruit juice processing raw materials and improve the cleanliness of fruit juice processing raw materials.
Fruit juice raw materials that have been spoiled or have begun to spoil cannot be used to make juice; if many juice processing raw materials in the raw material storage warehouse have been severely spoiled, it is not enough to only remove spoiled fruits. Because at this time, the taste and odor substances of the rotten fruit have entered the interior of the healthy fruit. Generally speaking, the whole juice raw material stacked in the storage space has lost its processing value. Therefore, juice raw materials that are attacked by various spoilage bacteria and severely attacked by insect larvae will be damaged. Regardless of the provisions of the Food Sanitation Law or the interests of consumers, juices made from these raw materials are unsanitary and of poor sensory quality, and cannot be used as raw materials for juice processing. If the juice processing material is damaged due to non-parasitic effects, such as effects during picking and transportation, or damage caused by hail or freezing, the juice processing material should be processed immediately once injured, otherwise it cannot be used.
The cleanliness and integrity of the fruit determine the final quality of the fruit juice. Enterprises that produce fruit juice should not be shoddy. Food safety is not only the responsibility of a certain part of people, but also the trust and morality between people. If you want to know more about the raw materials for fruit juice processing in fruit processing production line, please come to consult.