What are the types of fruit and vegetable deep processing equipment?

August 24, 2022

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Vegetable processing equipment has a wide variety and is widely used, which plays an important role in the deep processing of vegetables.
Dehydrated vegetables. Through drying techniques, the volume of this vegetable is reduced. Taking fresh onions as an example, only 1 ton of dehydrated onions can be obtained for every 13 tons of fresh onions processed, which is very convenient for storage without refrigerated transportation. Freeze drying is commonly used for processing. Vegetables are washed and processed first, then frozen, which freezes the water in the plants into ice, which is then transferred to vacuum drying conditions at a higher temperature, where the ice rapidly turns into water vapor and evaporates. Dehydrated vegetables have good rehydration, and vitamins and other nutrients are not destroyed. Therefore, it is very popular in the sales market.
Frozen vegetables. The cleaned and sorted vegetables are blanched, frozen at an extremely fast speed in a short period of time, and placed in an environment of -15-18 degrees Celsius. It can better adhere to the color, flavor and various effective nutrients of the original vegetables under low temperature conditions. Frozen vegetables are characterized by good recovery properties after freezing, which is similar to fresh vegetables.
Clean vegetables. This vegetable is suitable for processing on the outskirts of cities. The method is to preliminarily process the harvested new vegetables to remove residual roots, old leaves and insect pests, and then wash and package them into clean new vegetables for sale. The characteristics of this dish are that it is novel and clean, and consumers can directly process and eat it after purchasing, which is very convenient and fast.
Vegetable juice drink. It is a new type of natural health drink. The processing method is to first wash and crush the vegetables to obtain 70%-80% suspended vegetable juice. It can maintain the original flavor and nutrition of vegetables. It is characterized by good taste and good flavor. It can be formulated into mixed drinks with tea, wine, milk, etc.
Spicy vegetables. The spicy taste can promote people's appetite and dissolve fat at the same time, which has the effect of reducing fat. In addition, spicy vegetables have the activity of purifying "DMN", so they have anti-risk properties.
Powdered vegetables. Using fresh vegetables as raw materials, it is ground into powder after drying, freeze-dehydration, and then added to other foods to improve food flavor and nutrition.
Beauty Vegetables. Pure melon juice extracted from cucumber, watermelon and some other melon juices can be scientifically mixed with high-grade fats and chemical raw materials, which has the effect of maintaining skin and preventing aging on the human body. Made into advanced skin care beauty cream, facial cleanser, etc. This high-end beauty cosmetic is very popular in the foreign cosmetic market. Therefore, people are more and more fond of beauty products with high-tech vegetable content, which are very popular in Market Hill.
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