What is the use and operation method of fruit juice beverage production line

June 15, 2023

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  Nowadays, the taste of fruit juice drinks is also showing a diversified development trend, which makes the development of fruit juice drinks full of ups and downs, which also poses a great test to the production line of fruit juice drinks. The diversified development of juice drinks is also reflected in the differences in filling and concentration. Beverages and beverage production lines on the market are correct PET bottled and carton juice beverage filling methods are mainly divided into aseptic cold filling and hot filling. Many consumers do not know much about these two development methods. Let's compare:
  1. The cold filling of fruit juice beverage production line is to sterilize the product at ultra-high temperature and then cool to room temperature. In an artificial aseptic environment, sterilize with hydrogen peroxide and put it into a bottle or carton, and tighten the bottle cap after sterilizing with hydrogen peroxide. Cold filling has little effect on product taste and nutritional quality, and the use of PET materials is relatively small, but the investment in equipment is about twice that of hot filling;
  2. The hot filling of fruit juice beverage production line is to sterilize the product at high temperature, and then sterilize the bottle at a temperature of about 90 degrees. After the cap is rotated, the bottle and cap are sterilized with the temperature of the material itself. This way, the product stays hot longer, causing more damage to taste and nutrition. The investment in hot filling equipment is less. Before using the fruit juice beverage production line equipment, the reservoir should be cleaned with light hot water and then sterilized with steam. The material slurry enters the cylinder through the material pipe fixed on the cylinder head, or opens the cylinder head and pours it into the cylinder. The material should not be installed too full, so as to avoid the material splashing when the mixer is stirring, resulting in an unsanitary environment or loss. When heating, it is necessary to close the refrigerant inlet pipe valve, release the remaining refrigerant in the jacket, then input the material, turn on the agitator, and then open the steam valve. After reaching the required temperature, the steam valve should be closed first, and the agitator should be closed after 2-3 minutes.
  1. Cooling method: close the steam valve, put the remaining steam condensed water in the jacket, then open the refrigerant valve at the bottom of the cylinder, let the refrigerant pass through the jacket, and reduce the temperature of the material in the cylinder.
  2. Heat preservation: According to the required temperature, start the agitator, high-speed valve, and maintain the temperature (pay attention to the thermometer) to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.
  3. Cleaning: After the processing is completed, put the remaining condensed water into the jacket in the cylinder, rinse with warm water as soon as possible, brush off the sticky material, and then use 40C-50C to clean the alkaline water on the inner wall of the container, and rinse with clean water. The next time you use it, use hot water or steam (90C) and keep it disinfected for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Maintenance: Always pay attention to the work of the whole juice drink production line and reducer. When the lubricating oil of the reducer is insufficient, it should be replenished immediately and replaced every six months. When the equipment is not in use, the sheath must be rinsed with warm water to avoid salt water corrosion. Scrub the tank frequently to keep the inner tank bright and clean, so as to achieve the purpose of durability.
Guofeng fruit juice beverage production line is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, and according to the requirements of Chinese beverage production technology, a set of advanced beverage equipment has been innovatively developed, mainly used for fruit juice, orange juice, apple juice, pear juice , tea beverage, pure water, mineral water and other non-steam beverage filling. The fruit juice beverage production line has the characteristics of advanced structure, stable work, reliable operation, convenient operation and high production efficiency.