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SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D

Place of Origin Shanghai
Brand Name Gofun
Certification ISO, CE certification
Model Number GFM-TPL
Minimum Order Quantity 1 SET
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details International standard package for shipping
Delivery Time 90 days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability 20 sets per year
Product Details
Product Name Complete Tomato Paste Plant Warranty 1 Year After Commissioning
Type Turnkey Processing Line After-sales Service Installation, Commissioning And Training
Material Food Grade 304/ 306 Capacity 20~2000 Tons Per Day, Customize
Application Tomato/ Strawberry/ Rapseberry Feature High Efficiency, Cost Effective
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SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line


High Efficiency Tomato Paste Processing Line


1500T/D Complete Tomato Processing Line

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Product Description

One-Stop Solution for Tomato Processing Line from Fresh Tomato to Tomato Paste




Description of Tomato Processing Line


The tomato paste production line is the key product of Shanghai Gofun machinery company. We served more than 20 countries in the past 10 years. We keep providing high-quality machines and services to food manufacturers all over the world.


Now Shanghai Gofun machinery company will introduce the information of tomato paste processing line to show it works.

  • The capacity of fresh tomato can be customized from 60 Ton/D to 1500Ton/D.
  • The tomato can be hot crushed or cold crushed.
  • The Brix of final tomato paste can be designed as the customer’s requirement, normally it would be 28–30% or 36–38%.
  • The final tomato paste will be filled into aseptic bags in drum. With this kind of package, the shelf time can reach two years in normal temperature.
  • All the materials are food standard, the main material is SUS 304 or SUS316. Depends on the requirements
  • Besides aseptic bag filling, we also can provide metal can, small sachet, stand-up pouch, PET/PP container, etc.
  • The waste from the production line can be produced into fertilizer to improve the additional value of your project.


Application of Tomato Processing Line


Shanghai Gofun machinery company offers all kinds of tomato processing lines. The raw material can be fresh tomato, tomato paste, etc. And the final product can be tomato paste, tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, tomato juice, tomato powder, etc. For the final package, it can be aseptic bag, metal can, sachet, stand-up pouch, PP container, glass bottle, PET bottle, gable top, etc.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 0SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 1






SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 2


Description of each step


1. Discharge platform
When fresh tomatoes come, normally with the big truck, if discharge with human, it would be very difficult. So we design the discharge platform and use the water gun to discharge fresh tomatoes from the truck, also use water to deliver fresh tomato to the processing line. And there is another function of the discharge platform, it can pre-wash fresh tomato before processing.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 3


2. Elevator
This machine is used to deliver fresh tomato from outside the building to inside.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 4



3. Washing
Before crushing, need to washing fresh tomato carefully. For washing, we can use the bubble washing machine and spray washing machine together. If the washing requirement is high, can add more stages of washing. Also for better cleaning effect, we can add ultrasonic cleaning and ozone cleaning.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 5


4. Sorting

After washing, the surface of tomato is clean, we can check the situation of all the tomatoes by eye. And sort out the bad tomatoes by human.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 6


5. Crushing

The crusher is running with speed of 1470 r/min to crush fresh tomatoes to make sure all the tomatoes are fully crushed.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 7


6. Preheating

The pre-heater is used to heat the product after crusher, the temperature is adjustable, normally from 45℃ to 85℃. This processing step, would help to higher the juice rate for next step, and also can protect the color and testing for final tomato paste.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 8


7. Pulper and refiner

This machine is also running with the speed of 1470 r/min, it causes the centrifugal force and the product will go through the screen, which helps to refine the product. And normally we use double stage of pulper and refiner, the screen of each stage is different, for the first stage the screen would be bigger, and for the second stage the screen would be smaller.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 9


8. Evaporating

The vacuum Evaporator is used for concentrating the tomato paste under vacuum and low temperature. Here we are using Forced Circulation Vacuum Evaporator. Because it’s under vacuum and low temperature, so the test and nutrients would be protected as much as possible. And right now we get the tomato paste, normally the Brix is 28–30 and 36–38.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 10


9. Sterilizing

For tomato paste, we use the tube in tube type sterilizer for sterilizing. The sterilizing temperature and holding time is adjustable. With this machine, we will heat the tomato paste to a very high temperature around 115℃ holding for 30s and then cooling it to ambient temperature immediately. This way also can protect the test and nutrients of tomato paste as much as possible.


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 11


10. Aseptic Filling

The aseptic filling machine works together with the tube in tube type sterilizer. It’s a closed cycle. Before production, the cycle will be fully sterilized to make sure of the aseptic environment. And the filling cavity is also protected by steam to make sure the filling environment is also aseptic.

SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 12


11. Storage or go to blend


SS306 Complete Tomato Processing Line High Efficiency 1500T/D 13


Our Services


1. Technical support

2. Marketing suggestion

3. Final packing suggestion and design

4. Factory building and design

5. Oversea technical support

6. Oversea equipment maintenance

7. English speaking engineers available to provide technical support


FAQ for tomato paste processing line


In order to design the best proposal for your project, please provide the following details as much as possible:


Q1: What is the final product you want to produce?

A1: We can provide the complete line for concentrated tomato paste, tomato pulp, tomato puree, tomato juice, tomato sauce, or tomato ketchup.


Q2: How many tons of fresh tomatoes can you deal with every day?

A2: We provide the line with the capacity ranges from 20 tons per day to 2000 tons per day.


Q3: Which containers do you want to fill, aseptic bags in barrels, tin cans, sachets, or other containers?

A3: Ketchup in barrels is used by wholesalers as raw materials for making tomato sauce or ketchup, while ketchup in tin cans or small bags is used as cooking ingredients.


Q4: What is the Brix value you require for the final product, 28-30 Brix or 36-38 Brix?

A4: Cold-broken tomato paste means that after the tomatoes are broken, the enzyme is inactivated at <70°C (generally 65°C), and then concentrated to 36-38 Brix. The cold-broken tomato paste has a low viscosity, but the taste and color are good; Hot pulping means that the enzymes are inactivated after tomatoes are broken at >80°C (generally 85 or 90°C), and then concentrated to 28-30% Brix, with high viscosity, the flavor and color will be affected. Generally, if your tomato yield is less than 250TPD, we do not recommend that you produce 36-38 Brix tomato paste.